Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Day From Hell

Today has NOT been my day – to say the VERY least.

It all started with having to get up to pee every hour and a half (nearly on the dot) when I wasn’t even drinking anything between bathroom trips. Can someone please explain that to me? How in the world do you have to go to the bathroom three times during the night when you’re not replenishing fluids within your body? I’m not sure, but that’s what happened.

Then, when Brent went to work this morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep. You see, I have Jenna on a night when I don’t normally have her this week due to the holiday. And apparently she takes piano lessons tonight. At 5:30 in South Austin. Now, do the math/scheduling with me in your head – if I work half days (in the morning) and leave work at 1:00, coming back into Austin for a piano lesson at 5:30 would equal NO FUN! So I begged my boss to swap my schedule around (luckily he said yes) and I worked this afternoon instead of this morning. Which meant that I could sleep in a little bit. Except that I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Why you ask? No, Jax wasn’t kicking me. But I couldn’t breathe at ALL through my right nostril. And my throat hurt. A lot. So at 5am I got the “brilliant” idea to take half a Benadryl to #1 – put me back to sleep and #2 – to allow me to breathe and work on that sore throat. But taking it that late (or early?) meant that when I did get up at 8am, I was really groggy. And my throat still hurt.

It was so serious that even donuts didn’t help the situation. That’s when you know that it’s bad!

But I did manage to get up, after checking both the color of said drainage and taking my temperature to make sure there was no fever. I had an appointment scheduled with a not-crazy Craigslist person (believe it or not, they’re hard to find!) to look at a glider, so off Jenna and I went to her house. Liked the glider, rocked out in the glider to make sure that it worked correctly, bought the glider. Yes, it really should be that simple. Always. Mental note to self: be the type of seller that I would like to buy from whenever I get around to selling items on Craigslist one day.

Drive into Austin and drop Jenna off at summer camp in time for her to eat lunch and make the swimming field trip of the day. Decide that baby Jax isn’t moving around like he should so stop at Sonic (for purely scientific research purposes!) and get a large Vanilla Coke in hopes of getting him moving and shaking a little bit. Then make the momentous decision to stop and pick up a pizza at Mr. Gatti’s to snack on for the next few days at work.

That’s where the day went to hell in a hand-basket. (Did you like that Mom?) I got rear-ended pulling out of my parking spot in the lot. I say that with almost 100% certainty that I was stopped and moving my car into Drive when it happened. My Acadia has the back-up warning system on it, that’s mostly annoying, but has totally saved my keister several times from hitting things, and the warning didn’t go off until it was a frantic beeping and I heard a crunch. So I’m 99.9% sure that she ran into me. Plus, I know that I was all the way out of my spot, so what was she thinking? How could she have missed me? Oh yeah, she told me how – she wasn’t looking where she was going because she was desperately trying to find a Starbucks. Yeah.

Luckily, my car is fine. Her cousin’s car (wasn’t even her car) was sporting a broken blinker light and a crack in the front fender – further proof in my mind that she hit me. Doesn’t the stationary object usually sustain the least damage? I think so, but who knows. We got out of our cars, traded information and I sent her on her merry way with directions to the closest Starbucks. But I still called my insurance company and filed a claim with my side of the story to head off any attempts on her (or her cousin’s) to make my insurance foot this bill. But parking lots are tricky – as several people have already told me today. Which doesn’t make me feel better.

And Jax still isn’t moving around a lot. He’s kicked me a few times, so I know he’s there and all, but it’s just not like normal. Since the Vanilla Coke didn’t ultimately do the trick, maybe a trip downstairs to the candy vending machine is called for? They sell Butterfinger. And Snickers. And possibly Skittles. My mouth is watering on my keyboard.

So it’s been a hell of a day. And it’s not over yet. I’m sitting here waiting to go into a 30 minute long piano lesson. And since she’s only been taking lessons for a month now, I’m expecting to have a headache when we leave. That might not be a fair assessment on Jenna’s part, but it’s probably the truth.

Do you remember that old bubble bath commercial? I feel like that lady, and I just want to scream “Calgon! Take me away!” Think it’ll work? Because I could totally stop and get some.

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