Friday, July 16, 2010

Would You Try This???

So, I was talking with my step-mother last night about the "big" news. You know, the news that I'm finally making progress with all of these false labor pains. Not that 1cm is that much progress, but she was all excited and I didn't have the heart to calm her down. I mean, she's gonna be a grandma again, you know? If I raided her of her excitement at this time, it would be like killing a puppy in front of my eight-year-old.

And I don't play that way.

Instead, I let her have her excitement. And her excitement was even contagious to my Dad who called to tell me that he would be "at the farm" this weekend (that's two hours further from me in the wrong direction, since you didn't know) and that I should just "call him" when all the excitement was over.

He was teasing of course. He was actually calling to make sure that I had the farm cell phone number since the reception out there in the boonies along the Louisiana/Texas border is whack and he has to have a special cell phone JUST to get service there. I assured him that he would be called, if needed.

Anyway, back to my story. So at some point during all of the texting back and forth, my step-mom asks me this question:

Helpful SM: Hey - would you be willing to try maternity acupressure to induce your labor now that it's safe?

Ok, so I'll admit to being a moron for about 3o seconds or so because my gut reaction was "Hell no! Dude, you know that I have thing for needles!" Yeah, I call everyone Dude regardless of gender. And yes, for a moment or five I got acupressure and acupuncture mixed up. I'm silly like that. You all love me anyway, right? Thanks!

Once I realized my mistake, I texted her back for more information on the subject. She sent me this link and told me to do a search on for videos of how to do it. I actually checked it out and now I'm intrigued. And I'm wondering if anyone else out there has heard of such a thing. More importantly, do you know if this works???

Because I have to be honest here. If my research proves that it's entirely safe for me to try, and the videos seem to be pretty self-explanatory, then I might be willing to actually try this shiz. So help me out please and tell me that you know something about this. Or know someone who tried it and it did/didn't work.

I'd REALLY love to hear some stories!

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