Thursday, July 1, 2010

That’s It – I’m Done!

No, I’m not talking about being done with "baking" this little guy, although that possibility does loom closer with each passing day. I’m talking about how ready I feel to have this guy. Am I looking forward to labor? No, because I’m not a lunatic. (Although we all have our days, right?) I’m not looking forward to the sleepless nights, the crying, the not knowing if I’m doing it all right or scarring my child for life stage again. But I am looking forward to meeting him, holding him, smelling his sweet baby smell, and leaning his personality and quirks that I can only imagine right now.

But that wasn’t what I was talking about either. I was meaning that as of yesterday afternoon, I finally have all the items necessary to put my best effort forward in raising this little guy. Or all of the items that I think are necessary to have on hand for a newborn. Sure, my list of items might not agree with yours, but it’s my list, so there.

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday at lunch. The Hubs got off of work early (due to rain, they had a slow day) and he met me when I ended my half day so that we could grab some lunch. Since I wasn’t feeling well, he suggested stopping at Blockbuster and renting some movies to pass the afternoon with. And then I had an even better thought – we were going to come into Austin one night this week and get the rest of our essential items at Babies R Us, so why not do it now?

That thought seems kind of silly after just typing that I didn’t feel good – but I think that had to do with how I have to sit just to eat over my plate these days!

Anyway, despite the torrential rains that hit Austin right before we got ready to leave the restaurant, we headed off to BRU to go shopping. Mainly we needed to get the car seat/stroller combo unit, because everyone knows that you can’t bring a baby home from the hospital without a car seat. And there were three or four other items that I wanted to get, including his “coming home” outfit that the two of us wanted to pick out together.

Check out our haul:
Brent hadn’t had a chance to buy Jax any clothes/outfits yet, so he went a little nuts picking out some sleepers and outfits for him to wear, and when he picked up this little number, we both knew that we had found our coming home outfit.
Yes, it’s a little untraditional as far as coming home outfits go, but then again, that’s us!

So we’re all set. We’ve got a car seat, we’ve got bottles (with branch new nipples), we’ve even got a can of formula. And we’ve got a TON of clothes and bedding items thanks to all of our generous family and friends! So with one more load of laundry done, and some quick assembly to the car seat/stroller we’re all ready to bring the little guy home.

By the way, Brent has been predicting for the last few days that Jax is making his appearance this weekend. I don’t know about that, but I do know that things are changing – the pains are different, they’re coming whether I’m taking it easy or being on my feet, and I’m about out of room! I go to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see if she agrees with Brent or not – I’ll keep you posted!

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