Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th to You!

Well, I hope that everyone has big plans for the holiday today. I'm not entirely sure about what our plans are for the day - things pretty much get taken day by day in our house right now. And it all revolves around how I feel. You would think that this would make me feel important, but in actuality, I just feel weird about it. I'm not the most decisive person, so each and every decision residing in my court right now doesn't exactly sit well with me.

And other than not sleeping well the past few nights, I've got nothing new to report. No contractions, nothing. Which is probably for the best.
But I hope to be feeling ok. So that I can enjoy good food, good friends and hopefully some good fireworks. I don't know what the weather has been like where you are this week, but here in Central Texas it's been pretty wet. Being on the east side of where Alex landed meant lots and lots of rain for us here. I'm not complaining, we need rain during these long summer months. But I'm about all rained out.
So here's to hoping for clear skies. And yummy desserts! A girl can never have a bad day where good desserts are involved, right?

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Kalena said...

I guess Jax will be born on 10 July, that seems like a nice even day : )