Thursday, July 8, 2010

Putting on the "Icing"

Well, I think that we're officially done with Jax's nursery. I picked up the last piece of furniture that I was hoping to find yesterday - a glider with ottoman for that little nook in his space. Check out the deal that I got:
And this is a Dutalier glider, which was the most expensive one that I saw at Babies R Us. I would NEVER have paid full price for this piece - ya'll know I'm cheap! But I found one on Craigslist and booyah - welcome home. It's in excellent condition (exactly as the seller advertised it, shocking I know) and I scored this $500 set for $140.

Come again, you say? Yep, you read that right. One hundred forty smack-a-roos...a GREAT deal, if I do say so myself.

And to find a Craigslist seller who's willing to honor the order that people respond, even if it's frustrating or extra work for her...even when the first responder (not me) lead her on a merry chase for a week before she eventually pulled the plug on him. But that's just my newest soap box, and a story for another day!

So back to Jax's room...once we got the glider and ottoman placed in that nook, we saw how cramped the space would be. Granted, the glider is over-sized, but that's something that we'll both be thankful for after spending a few hours each day in it here pretty soon! To alleviate the problem, Brent slid the dresser down a foot or so closer to the bookshelf and then we decided to move the diaper stacker off of the crib and onto the wall.
Once we started all of that, it just made sense to go ahead and hang the art work that came with the bedding set, as well as the blanker. Check it out...
Other than getting a night light bulb for his lamp, I think that we're set for this little guy to make his appearance. Isn't it nice when things all come together?

I mean, the baseboards, trim and crown molding all still need to be done, but one step at a time people, one step at a time!

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shoemarnster said...

Very nice glider. Thank goodness for one sane person on Craigslist! The pics and blanket look fantastic too. Yea, you're all ready!