Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Brain Dump

I know that I don’t normally do this, but this post is one of those brain dump posts – just too much on my mind, I suppose. So enjoy the randomness that is MY brain! LOL!

Right now, I’m obsessed with these that I saw here. Just started following both blogs (one is embedded in the other) and I love the idea of homemade Christmas presents and a whole month of Christmas in July ideas! But really, I’m just in love with those coasters! I think that I’ve got some funky scraps of material left over from various projects that would make super cute coasters for around our house. In fact, I KNOW that I’ve got scrap material to make these, so the only cost would be the batting – SCORE! And double score, it would replace the ratty beer coasters that somehow seem to double in number every time I turn around – does that happen at your house? Not to mention that each coaster would only take like 5 minutes to sew together, so this project would be quick, easy AND cheap! Even if it does re-engage my PWA status into the active category since I was on "hiatus."

I’ve decided that this baby is going to be JUST AS STUBBORN as my first child. Love her though I do, she was unwilling to move down into the birth canal until SHE was good and ready to make that move. Looks like her little brother is going to be the same way. HIS time table, not mine. So I’m not expecting to hear much change from last week. No dilation, no effacement, no nothing. And still floating around in there instead of being a good boy and deciding to come on out. By the way, on his way to work this morning, Brent told me that if I wanted to go ahead and have Jax today that would work for him so that it would make today his Friday. I told him not to hold his breath because in this one instance – I’m not the one in charge. He was totally shocked to hear those words come out of my mouth. Truly.

I’ve passed into the stage of not sleeping "just because." You know before, I was not sleeping because I was getting up every hour and a half to pee. Or I was not sleeping because he was moving so much that I couldn’t sleep. Or there were those times when I was not sleeping because I was so unbelievably thirsty that it woke me up. Yeah, last night, I woke up "just because" and couldn’t sleep. Yes, I went ahead and peed, got a glass of water and repositioned myself in case I couldn’t sleep because of all of the normal things, but then I realized that NONE of those reasons were why I woke up in the first place. Go figure.

I’m already in maternity leave mode as far as work is concerned. Having been told that you might possibly deliver as early as last Thursday tends to light a fire under your ass for all those little things that need to be tied up and dispersed to someone else at your office. So then when you go PAST that early date, you figure out that you don’t have that much to do anymore! LOL! Which is really kind of nice, except that you still have to come to work. To do not that much. When you could be sleeping in your bed still. Making up for those hours that you were awake “just because.” You get where I’m going with this? I thought you might.

I realized yesterday evening that I haven’t written any letters to baby. You know, that really popular trend on blogs? Yeah, I didn’t do any. And it’s not like they’re secret or personal to me or us and I just don’t want to share them. I just flat out didn’t do them. Now, I could be bold and say that I purposely didn’t do them because they’re so in and trendy and the thing to do right now if you’re prego. Or I could be totally honest and just say that I was lazy. That’s ok. I bet I still have two weeks to knock some out before he puts in his appearance!

(Yes, I’ve started making comments like that. I figure that if you can jinx yourself in a bad way, then you can also jinx yourself in a good way. For instance, I jinxed myself last week when someone asked me how I was sleeping and I answered “Great!” and then this week I’m sleeping like poop. So therefore, maybe by saying that I don’t think he’s coming for another two weeks, I’ll jinx myself and he’ll come this week!)

Don’t shoot holes in my theory. It’s my theory, and I like it!

Ok – that’s enough random stuff for today. I’ll let you know what I DON’T find out (that backwards jinxing attempt again!) at the doctor’s office today!

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