Monday, June 21, 2010

Holy Cow!

Well...I'm sorta embarrassed to admit that it took me almost two WHOLE afternoons to figure out what the hey was wrong with my wireless network at home. I gave up on Friday, and then thought that maybe it was something with my work when our IT guy stopped by today to install a new program on my station, I asked him about it.

Then I came home and got ALL kinds of excited to see the home network show up...and then it took another TWO HOURS to get it to stay connected and not continue to drop the connection every 5 minutes.

I'm usually smarter than this...honest, I am. But I'm glad that it's fixed now. At least for these 5 minutes.

Because if I couldn't figure this out, I was going to go nuts with a capital N at home all afternoon with only daytime TV to keep me "entertained" while I lay in bed doing nothing...

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