Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting on the "Nursery"

Yeah, I get it...we're running a little behind on the whole starting to fix up the nursery don't have to rub it in!

But in my defense, we don't really have a nursery for Mr. Jax...which has presented all sorts of dilemmas in the first place. You see, our house is a 3/2 and there are already three of us that need rooms...Brent and myself, Tanner and Jenna. We're pretty sure that since there is such a large age gap between all the kids, we would like for neither of the older kids to have to give up "their space" to share with baby Jax. Even though we don't have either one of them all of the time and we'll have Jax 24/7...yeah, I know.

But that presented the first problem. It was "easily" solved by us agreeing that for the first few months (no longer than a year) Jax could live in our sitting room. Luckily our house plan has a rather large master suite that includes it's own sitting area. Now, I know that the sitting area doesn't have it's own door...or even a sliding wall of any kind...and yes, I understand all of the logistical problems that we're not going to want to deal with for too long of a time period. But what's that old saying - when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? That's what we're trying to do here. We understand that with the birth of this new one, we've outgrown our house...but for the next 6 months or so, we're sort of stuck here. It is what it is...

The second thing holding us back on starting the nursery was that since it is our sitting room/area that we don't use as a sitting room/area (we use it as a junk catch-all corner) it really needed to be cleaned out before we could start anything. So, like I said a few days ago, we rented a storage space and started working on clearing out all of the extra crap that you tend to accumulate during the course of your "grown up" years...and it's a slow process, people.

But we finally made some space...and yes, I hear you, I'm within 6 weeks of giving birth...but we started painting yesterday. And yes, Mom, I'm using the word "we" while I really mean just Brent is doing the painting. He doesn't want me painting anything at this late date and I have been threatened with bodily harm if he sees me with a paint roller in my hand. He's not even sold on the idea of me helping "trim out" the room...but he's thinking about it. It IS a large room after all...

I posted here the other day about our paint color choice...and then I changed my mind about it. I decided that that one was too dark and it would probably close in our room quite a bit once all the walls were painted that dark. So we tried two other color samples, decided on one and bought the paint the night before last. Then the paint took a field trip with me to my office the next day...instead of staying home with Brent, who needed the paint more than my car did...but oh well. A quick rendevous for lunch and a transfer of all Home Depot packages from my car to his truck fixed that problem, and when I came home from work yesterday afternoon, this is what I saw:
And just so there is proof that Brent did ALL of the work by himself...
Feel better, Mom? And Brandi? And all of you others who have threatened to hurt me if I do too much these days? I hope so, because it's harder than you think to "rest" and "take it easy!"

This color has a bit more blueish tint to the grey color, which will go with my bedspread nicely, don't you think? We love it! Now we just have to pick a good trim color and all decisions for our room will be finished. Brent did Jax's corner of the room first so that we could put the crib together ASAP and start washing/assembling the bed to await his arrival. My next shower is here at our house, so I'd really like to have it all put together and ready by the time that happens...and Mom would really like to see it all together too!

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