Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Because...

An excerpt from a text conversation that I had with The Hubs the other day…maybe you’ll see what I see that he TOTALLY does NOT see!

Backgrond info: I had stopped to pick up Jenna from her last day of 2nd grade and we were headed home before our doctor’s appt. And I was trying to decide between snow cones or ice cream…

Me: Does the snow cone lady open at 3 or 4?
Him: 4
Me: You want a scoop of ice cream? (Since the snow cone lady opened at 4pm and our appt was at 4:15pm, then ice cream was the obvious choice, right?)
Him: No. Ya’ll better hurry up if ya’ll are coming home.
Me: Still have an hour and 15, babe.
Him: Why are ya’ll getting ice cream?
Me: Last day of school?
Me: Pre-birthday?
Me: Do we NEED a reason?!?!?

I swear that we don’t use “ya’ll” this much in regular conversations…he must have just been feeling the “ya’ll” that day.

Yeah, he still doesn’t get it…do you?

Can't you just stop at Baskin Robbins "just because?" Or do you have to have a reason? I'm curious...

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