Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Update...

...for all of my friends who just couldn't wait for the update to come out here - THANK YOU for emailing me and checking on me! I felt so loved!

Everything is fine...I'll try to sum this up quick and then do an official update (with pics) later tonight or tomorrow.

I am compeltely healthy. Still having Braxton Hicks contractions, which concerns the doctor. She's also concerned because I had ZERO weight gain in the past two weeks. Baby boy grew one cm - he's now measuring 35 weeks and my week count should be on 34 weeks. So, he's still large, but maybe he had just hit a growth spurt a few weeks ago and he's slowed down a little bit since then.

She's not said for certain that my due date is changing. Since it's just an estimate anyway, I guess that's ok with me. What she did tell me is that she will NOT induce me before July 8th...which gives baby another three weeks to develop his little lungs to a healthy state. She would prefer to induce/deliver me around July 15th (or July 22nd would be better, but it's a stretch!). At that point I would be well over "full term" limits of 37 weeks and Jax would have had plenty of time in the "cooker" to not have too many problems.

She did do a pelvic on me (because of all of the contractions I've been having) and I am pleased to announced that my cervix is still closed. No dialation what-so-ever. I'm mostly pleased to report that because she told me that if my cervix was anything other than closed when she checked me yesterday that she was sending me straight to the hospital for 48 hours of observation at L&D. Not good. So I was tickled pink to still be closed.

She IS threatening me with bed rest. She didn't officially mandate it yet, we reached a compromise with me promising to slow things down a bit...and I was able to go to work today and get the clearance for some reduced hours at my job - THANK YOU! I am now working 8a-1p at the office and then being "on call" for the rest of the afternoon from my bed. With my feet elevated. Not doing anything other than watching tv, reading, playing iPhone games...maybe some internet surfing and blogging??!!?? Hope so! I'm trying to get my wireless internet re-connected here at the house so that I can do that, but I am encountering difficulties. Might need a new router. Hmmm...

Other than that, the only other thing that she had to tell me is that Jax is turned "sunny side up" meaning that he's facing the wrong way. He's head down and although he's close to being considered "engaged" he's not as low as I thought he that's good. But instead of facing my back, he's facing forward. Doesn't mean too much right now, as he could still roll over in the next few weeks...but if he doesn't turn before labor hits then it could mean a lot of back labor. Fun times, fun times!

So, I've been in bed for the past hour and a half...nothing good is on tv...I got up to blog this real quick and take another look at my internet stuff...and now it's back to putting my feet up!

Tell me do you stop something that nature is guiding? The doctor agrees with me that it doesn't sound like anything that I'm doing is triggering the Braxton Hicks contractions...and this extra rest should prove that I'm not. If she doesn't see an improvement in the next two weeks, then I'll have to go on full bed rest at that time...I'm just SO grateful that my work was willing to allow me some extra time off to try to prevent full bed rest. I guess I'm more useful for 5 hours a day than none at all, huh?

OK - back to taking it easy!

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