Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing "BIG" Happening Here, I Promise!

Do you worry about us pregnant bloggers when we “go away” for a few days and don’t have anything posting while we’re out?

I do…so sorry to disappoint you, but baby watch is STILL going on (which is a GOOD thing for me!) and I haven’t been absent due to being otherwise “occupied” just really, really, really, really busy. Did I mention that I was busy? LOL!

My friends threw us a baby shower this past weekend, that was held at our house, and they did an AMAZING job…not that we expected anything less! The decorations were great, the food was nom-nom, the cake was TO DIE FOR…and of course, our friends and family were SO generous with the gifts! All the makings of a good shower, if you ask me.

I’ve got a TON of pictures…that I’ll try to start going through and uploading today…but I only slept for like 2-2.5 hours last night…the little guy was busy, and I had a headache. So maybe today will be spent napping…and then tonight when I can’t sleep, I’ll work on the pictures! :) Just kidding…well, maybe not, but I will TRY to sleep tonight, I promise.

I know that I also need to post a 35 week update, with belly shots – it’s getting to where I completely look like I’ve got a basketball underneath my shirt! So maybe after a good night’s sleep I’ll have more motivation to do all of that…but on a good note, when I couldn’t sleep last night, I googled “how to change the font on your blog” and came across these instructions which worked like a charm! If the font doesn’t show up in your Google Reader, click over and check it out…and if you blog too, there’s a cool little tutorial for you if you ever want to do some different fonts than the 5 that blogger offers for use!

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