Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Craigslist "Find"

Check out what I managed to “score” yesterday off of Austin’s Craigslist:
Do you SEE all of those bottles? I mean, do you really see them all? Here, let me zoom in a bit and show it all off:
That’s FOUR bags of bottle nipples, another bag of storage lids (for breast milk), 2 sippy cups, an unopened box of Medela pump converters to the Avent bottles, more sealed storage lids, and the manual Avent breast pump – complete with adapters, bags and such.
Then there are 6 used 4 oz. bottles with rings and lids, 4 NIB 4 oz bottles with the storage lids only (but they’re the same as the regular bottles, so you can interchange the lids, nipples and rings). There’s 5 extra rings, and an 11 oz. bottle. And then TEN 9 oz. bottles complete with rings and lids.

Would you like to guess what I paid for all of that? Go ahead, take a guess - you’ll never in a million years get it right!

I paid $30 cash for that whole box of Avent bottles/supplies!!! What a find! Yes, I know that they’re all used – I get that. But I remember having new, shiny bottles with my daughter and after one or two washings, they looked to be in the same condition that these bottles are in. I kid you not. I plan on tossing all of the nipples out, and at least buying new nipples, since that’s the only part that he’ll actually have in his mouth. The rest will all be washed and sterilized and ready to go. And yes, I realize that I could wash/sterilize the nipples too, but Brent’s drawing a line at using used nipples. He gets the cost savings – there was at least $150-$200 worth of Avent products in that box that I paid $30 for, but he totally doesn’t mind spending $25 on new nipples at each stage of nipples to get new ones. And I’m ok with that too, since I just saved SO much on actual bottles!

Update on the crazy play-pen lady. Brandi, my good friend, was most persistent and managed to get the missing parts from the crazy play-pen lady. They are now at our house safe and sound. Not that it didn’t nearly drive us both crazy dealing with crazy play-pen lady – but it all worked out in the end. I just wonder why some people who use Craigslist expect more for less?

Why couldn’t every transaction happen the way the bottle one went down? I contacted the seller, she still had the product, she agreed that I could have it, we arranged a meeting place/time for the next day, and we stuck to it. Even though her little boy ended up being sick, and she needed to move the time around a bit, we still worked with each other, respected the other’s time and other responsibilities, and followed through with our ends of the bargain. I paid in cash, the amount that she wanted, and she provided me with a complete product. She even took the time to go through the box with me before I left just to make sure that everything was included. And she apologized for it being just in a box and not wrapped up all pretty! Like I care what it came in for $30!!!

So I’ve just decided that Craigslist is hit and miss. Sometimes you’ll get the crazy play-pen lady, and other times you’ll get a nice, normal sane person. It’s a crap shot either way. Have you had luck at finding things on Craigslist? I’m curious to hear.

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