Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Wicked Sense of Humor?

Well...after the rough night that was my life last night, I think that I received definitive proof that God actually might be a woman with a wicked sense of humor...

I went to the bathroom today while at work (nothing new there) and we all know from here that it's a habit of mine to check out the grey hairs that might/might not be present each time I go pee.

Yeah, well, this morning, I did my normal check and do you know what I found? Yep, gray hairs.

Nope, not short ones right at my roots. You know, some that might have grown in to replace all of those that I viciously yank out...

Oh no, no, no. That would be too simple. These were LONG. Like back in my normal hair length (I wore my hair down today, that's how I saw them!)...and they are PURE WHITE.

So you see...definitive proof that God might actually be a woman with a wicked sense of humor!

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