Monday, June 7, 2010

Random House Projects...

I don't know WHAT was wrong with Blogger this morning...but this post would NOT load...sorry for the delay!

Do you know what happens when you get told that you’ve got less time before the baby’s arrival than you anticipated? Well, let me tell you – your butt gets kicked into HIGH gear…which is in direct opposition to the “slow down”orders that you got from your doctor…but what’s a girl to do?

I’ve got two pretty big projects that I’d like to have finished before the arrival of baby Jax. #1 – getting our bedroom painted and #2 – getting those blasted kitchen cabinets finished up. So I made some progress towards both of those this past weekend, in addition to doing some necessary shopping for the little one. Which leads to me going into Monday morning feeling VERY productive about my weekend!

Here’s some pictures of what I’m thinking of doing for those paint problems…the room. I’ve known for a while (I’ve even had the paint color picked out for about 6 months) that I wanted to paint our room a nice light grey color. On a trip to Home Depot this past weekend, I actually bought the little sample can and slapped some on the wall yesterday. Here’s what it looks like:Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture…that’s what happens when your real camera is DOWNSTAIRS and you’re 8 months pregnant! Due to that, the color’s a bit off…but it’s still a really NICE color. I love it, even if it’s a bit darker than I was thinking that it would be. So hopefully, Brent is going to start painting that LARGE room all by himself this week, since I probably shouldn’t paint at this late date. Yes, surprisingly, I’m exercising caution…I know, it’s shocking!

And then here’s the deal with the kitchen cabinets. Since our living room opens into our kitchen, I felt like it would just be easiest to paint the kitchen the same colors. Lazy, right? Anyway we LOVE those colors…but it’s brown on brown. And our kitchen cabinets are stained a honey shade of brown currently. So they would need to be painted. No problem. But our appliances are all black, except for the stove, which also has white. Are you getting around to my dilemma? If I paint the cabinets brown, then won’t it look weird against the black appliances?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too…so first I tried a green, like an olive/army green. (Sorry - I can't find the pictures that I know that I took!) But with the dark walls, and appliances I could quickly see that it wasn’t going to work. Unfortunately I figured this out AFTER I’d already painted three random cabinets/drawers around the kitchen at various spots…LOL! Then my Mom suggested a cream color to brighten it all up a bit. I hemmed and hawed and then decided that she was right. So this weekend, while getting the sample can for the bedroom paint, we also selected a cream color and bought a sample can of that. And then I proceeded to paint more random cabinets… Do you see the problem that I see? Yeah, the cream color looks great on the upper cabinets, but on the lower cabinets, it really blends in well with the formica…is this a problem? I think so, but maybe you can give me some help on this one…maybe it doesn’t look as bad as I think that it will once they’re all painted. I also bought some hardware (knobs) for all the doors/drawers in the kitchen that we LOVE and they really pop against the cream since they’re a darker metal color…so just insert them into the above pictures since I am too lazy to go back downstairs and put one of them against it to take another picture…

What should I do? Go with another color completely (that would make three colors on various cabinets around my kitchen!)? Brent suggested painting the cabinets one color and the doors/drawers another color, if that makes sense…but I’m not too sure about that either. Help, please!

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rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

do it! i have cream cabinets & an off-white-ish color counter and i LOVE it. it's soothing. there are pictures somewhere on my blog... i'm too lazy to link! : )