Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Progress of The Crib...

If you've been reading along with me for a while now...or if you know me in real life...then you know that it's just not in my nature to let something sit once I sink my teeth into it. Ok, Mom, I'll be honest here...sometimes it's in my nature to let something sit once I start on it - think about the year and a half that it's taken me to finish my bedspread! - but nine times out of ten, once I decide to start something and I get good and truly started on it, there's no stopping.

So now you'll understand why putting together Jax's crib was no different. Did I encounter problems? Sure. Did I still make my deadline of putting it all together on Sunday? Of course! Did I let the fact that the bag of "parts/hardware" that I remembered being the parts that held the crib pieces together was not in fact parts to put it all together, but extra parts sent by the manufacturer deter me? NO! Of course not! Two "quick" trips to Lowe's solved all of my problems...and there was a back-up plan of ordering what I needed from the manufacturer's website, if needed.

Luckily, fate smiled on me and I didn't have to pay twice the cost of the parts needed themselves just for shipping alone...LOL!

At the end of the day, this is what Jenna and I managed to get together...maybe I've already shown it off, but can you tell that I'm super duper proud of how handy I was able to be at 8 months pregnant?!?!
Yep, so proud of my handy skills...I should hire out, huh?

OK - maybe that's taking things a little too far. And maybe by the time it was all put together I was pooped with a capital "P" but it was worth it. I immediately set to the task of washing all of the bedding linens and getting them ready to put on the crib. Of course, my plan was to finish the putting together phase early enough to also finish the washing phase and move on to the putting-it-all-together phase all on Sunday...but that didn't really happen. Everything got washed and dried, but there was nothing left in me to put it all together.

Somehow, I managed to get some sleep and recooperate enough so that when I woke up Monday morning, I was tired, but refreshed enough to drag out the iron and give the bedding stuff a quick press before putting it all together. Want to see it all assembled? Of course you do!

First I added the bed skirt, which I suppose would technically be called a crib skirt...
Then I took the mattress...after putting it BACK in the crib first one time and THEN remembering that it's easier to put on the crib mattress stuff when the mattress is OUT of the crib..cue Sandy taking the mattress back OUT of the crib...
...and added the WATERPROOF mattress pad (VERY important!)
I also managed to remember to add a waterproof crib pad on top of the mattress pad BEFORE putting on the crib sheet. Look how cute!
What's that? Oh, you'd like to see a close-up of the design on the sheet? Oh, OK - twist my arm!
Too cute!

OK, NOW is the time to add the mattress back inside the's ALL coming back to me!
Isn't it all so cute?!?! Yes, I'm going to say that a few hundred times...

After that was all done and inside the crib, it was time to add the bumper. Did you knwo that safety regulations state that crib bumper ties can be NO longer than 9" in length for the safety of the baby? I had NO clue, and I've done this once before! But like I said, it's all coming back to me. I remembered how when I had Jenna a crib with side posts as large as the crib that I selected wasn't all that common and I had a HECK of a time getting those things tied to the crib sides. They constantly sagged...I guess it's a sign that times have changed because although the corner ties were still a "close call" on actually tying together, it all worked and nothing sags!
Let's take a quick peek at how cute it will be from Jax's point of's the back of the crib...
And this is the front of the crib...
Last, but not least, and something that would TOTALLY not tie onto the crib in Jenna's baby bedding set...the cute little diaper stacker!
And not to leave anything out...there are still two things that I already have that also belong to the bedding set that I haven't done anything with...the window valance (not pictured) and the cutesy little crib blanket...
As you may, or may not know, the crib blanket can't really be used as a blanket in the crib right at I'm not entirely 100% sure what I'm going to do with it for now. But I'll figure it out. And the reason that the window valance isn't pictured yet is because A) I thought that I had enough windo material to make the flowing curtains match the rest of the windows in our bedroom, and I was actually short on material, so they look retarded...and B) I forgot that the window valance was actually a tab-top and the curtain rod would show. So while at Target I just bought the cheapy double valance window curtain rods since I thought they weren't going to show...I'll correct that soon!

Now maybe tomorrow, I can get started washing this pile...
Yep, those are the clothes that I have already bought for Mr. Jax and haven't cut the tags or washed anything yet. Part of me was waiting to verify the sex one more time before clipping all tags, but that happened two weeks ago nearly. Now, I'm just waiting to have somewhere to put them once they're all washed and folded up. We've got the dresser, we just need to get it in the coming soon!

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