Friday, June 11, 2010

Nursery Options

In keeping with the current topic of choice, let’s keep talking about Jax’s nursery. You might remember from several posts that I did about picking his bedding, that we went with a bedding set by Cocalo called (ironically) Jackson. Here’s a picture in case you need a refresher: Cute, right? Well, my step-mom had generously made the offer to purchase the bedding set for us once we picked on out, so I had emailed her a list of places online that sold it. Then she found it on her own at BuyBuyBaby. At our shower two weeks ago, I got to bring the bedding set home. But as cute as it was, it was lacking a few things…you know, the accessories that make the room cutesy. And yes, even little boys need cutesy rooms…

I found out (sorta by accident) that JCPenney’s carried some of the items from that line of baby bedding, and it was on sale this week. I looked at it very seriously for a few minutes, but then decided against purchasing any of it since their sales prices were the same prices as the normal prices anywhere else. Plus, my Uncle had gifted us with a gift card to BuyBuyBaby where I knew that I could get some of the items. Then, the VERY next day, I got an email coupon offer from JCP offering an additional 15% off of online or in-store purchases, including items already marked on sale. Hmmm…this might be worth pursuing…

So I picked three additional accessory items and dropped them into my basket and applied the coupon and held my breath to see the total. Not bad – just over $100…but wait! I had some JCP gift cards from a return and a gift that I hadn’t used yet…I quickly applied those balance to the basket and my grand total out the door was about $30! Score. Quick – click on the Submit My Order button fast before anything happens!

For just over $30, these items are on their way to our house…the Mobile……and the extra window valance that we need for that area of our room… …and these adorable wall hangings…Awesome, right? Then on my way home that day, I stopped off at BuyBuyBaby and picked up the lamp (which JCP didn’t carry and I really wouldn’t want shipped anyway) and spent a whopping $2 out of my own pocket for that item! Double score!

Ten minutes later, my friend Brandi emailed me a 20% coupon for one item from BuyBuyBaby. Sort of rotten timing, as I wasn’t going back to the store and trying to get the discount back…but now that I have this email coupon sitting in my Inbox, it’s calling my name…urging me to use it…almost mocking me.

I took a look online real quick to see what other items are in the Jackson collection that I could use the coupon on and found a few things. Help me decide which one to get.

There’s a laundry hamper… A throw pillow that might look good on the glider that we’re probably going to end up getting…Or a blanket that matches the bedding. Normally, I would shy away from the blanket, remembering the astonishing amount of blankets that I received when I had Jenna. But I only got one blanket in my last shower…so maybe the blanket would be cute?

Which one do you think that I should get? They’re all pretty cute, except I’m not sold on the laundry hamper 100%. A nice dark brown wicker one would look just as cute and match our other ones as well…

Do you have any thoughts as to which other accessory would help dress up the room a bit more? Or do you think that I should wait and get the room “assembled” and then step back and look and see what else I might need?


Natalie said...

Funny - the same thing happened to me when I had Mia. I must have received 100 blankets at my shower for her so I purposely didn't register for any receiving blankets this time. So what happens - I only got one blanket at my shower! ;) I actually suggest getting the laundry hamper. You still might get blankets once Jax is born and the throw pillow might just get in the way on the glider. JMHO. :)

Anne said...

Good taste! I'm jealous, I miss the excitement of being pregnant. You know what they say, "selective memory" - you only remember the good parts :). Congrats, and cute blog!