Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jax’s First Shower

I know, I’m totally like a week behind on getting this posted…but oh well. You’ll forgive me, right? I was waiting to get some of the pictures of Jenna and I (mostly Jenna) opening the presents…but I really don’t want to wait any longer.

My aunt contacted me a few months ago to tell me that she and my other aunt were wanting to throw us a family baby shower in East Texas. I was overwhelmed at the generosity and offer, and of course I said ok! We planned it for Memorial Day weekend so that I would have an extra day to rest from my travels…it’s a 4-hour drive one way for me, so I knew that at almost 8 months pregnant, it would take it’s toll. And maybe since you saw that my posting was so light last week, you can understand that it just about kicked my booty! That’s a LOT of miles to cover…

Anyway, we kept it all light and casual, and grilled hamburgers and made homemade ice cream…yummy! It was all family members, and these ladies worked REALLY hard to make sure that our shower was special. In addition to my aunts, my step-sister and cousin, along with my step-mother all pitched in on the effort. Here’s the pictures that I do have for you…
Everything was set in tones of blue and white…
That’s one of my aunts taking a break from all of her hard work! Decorations were hung…
…and scattered about…
And there was cake to go along with the ice cream!
Yes, there’s a story behind that cake…a really good one! You see, my sister volunteered to pick up the cake to go along with the homemade ice cream because there was this man in Nacogdoches (where she lives) that was SO talented at matching cakes to paper goods and napkins and such. Good idea, right? So she goes in to place the order and leaves both one of the paper plates and a napkin there for them to match it up to. And that would have worked fine, had the lady that took Tiffany’s order explained that the man that was so good at that was no longer with that store/company. So when my step-sister got there to pick up the cake the day of the shower, she was WAY disappointed…the plates/napkins had this cute plaid pattern to it…and yes, the bakery used the blue, yellow and green colors correctly…but it just wasn’t the cake that my step-sister had in mind. When she questioned the bakery about it, she was finally told about the one man taking an offer at another bakery…and it all made sense.

She was really upset. And I think that it was supposed to be a little bigger in size too, which made matters worse. But what could she do? She hurriedly bought a few other pies/cakes from the store and went on about her way. But trust me, she was HOT about the mix up on the cake! It was really delicious, though…a fact which I told her often in hopes of making her feel better. I don’t think that it worked all that well.

No, I don’t have any pictures of the great big pile of presents that was over in the corner next to the “seat of honor” that they had prepared for me…and I didn’t get any videos of the “carnage” path that Jenna made while opening all of the said presents. Let’s just say that a couple of times I had to pull her attention away from the process of slinging tissue paper and wrapping paper around and talk to her about calming down. Not that my talks really worked that long, but I tried!

We got a TON of cute stuff! The family was very generous, and Jax will be dressed to the nines for many months to come. I think the funniest present opened of all was a box that my step-mother put together that had the tee tee tee pees in there…Jenna wanted to know what they were, and she was told to talk to her mommy about that! Nothing like being thrown under the bus in the middle of a big crowd, right?

Anyway, we got a ton of clothes and bathroom items, along with several packs of diapers and wipes and our mattress for our crib. Since I already had the crib, I was worried that no one would see that lone mattress there at the end of the registry…enter Mom to the rescue! All in all, when I left my aunt’s country house, I could barely see out of my rearview mirror and had to stop and re-pack once along the way home for my own peace of mind.

We didn’t play any of the normal shower games, so there are NO embarrassing pictures of me being measured with toilet paper…shucks! We were just family getting together to eat, drink and celebrate…three things that we do really well! And yes, that dress that I posted about here was a big success! Very patriotic and cool in the hot, summer sun!

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