Friday, May 7, 2010

STOP the Presses!

I have TWO very important announcements to make…I know that you’re all just on the edge of your seat reading at your computer desk at home…because I know that you don’t surf the web at work! LOL!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about Ziggy’s real name…and I wasn’t really sure how to address them yet. So, even though we decided on his name a few weeks ago, I took a few days to think about things before deciding how I wanted to handle it all. You see, the dilemma comes from B’s initial reaction to me starting to blog back when we were first engaged.

On the one hand, blogging provided me with an outlet and sounding board (other than him!) on all wedding-related decisions…which he appreciated. On the other hand, having people know our names and where we lived and all was sort of creepy to the both of us. But after more than a year of blogging and having this outlet, B realizes how important it is to me. Not only to my sanity, but to me overall. So when I questioned him about whether he would want me to release Ziggy’s name on this blog or let him remain Ziggy forever in blogdom…he was quick to say that he didn’t have a preference.

This changed some things for me…I mean, how do I tell you one of our names without releasing ALL of them? Does that make sense? Here you would know Ziggy’s real name, but I would still just be S? Nope, that doesn’t work for me…so I’d like to introduce our little family…and this isn’t shocking for most of my readers, since mainly you’re family and friends that know us anyway! But bear with me.

Say hello to Sandy and Brent!
And we’re only slightly cuter and more adorable than our kiddos, Tanner and Jenna…
(Yes, those are old pictures, but I can’t find my newer ones…maybe because I didn’t upload them anywhere?)

Even though I can’t actually introduce you to little baby boy yet…other than putting our sonograms back on here…please allow me to introduce:

Jaxon Paul
Whew! That was a big one. Picking out a name for a baby is usually hard for most people…I mean, what if they hate it? Or they’re not really a Suzie? Or Joseph? What do you do if your child wants to change his/her name at a young age? (Don’t laugh, my BIL actually changed his name at 4 years old. Not because of adoption or anything. He changed his first name!) I got lucky with Jenna…there is no other name that would fit her personality. It’s just a perfect match, so I’m hoping that the same thing happens with Jaxon.

Man, it feels weird to type that instead of Ziggy. You’ll forgive me if I go all pregnant-mommie-to-be-brain on you every once in a while and accidentally still refer to him as Ziggy!

As far as the second announcement goes, we have successfully agreed and selected ONE bedding set for Jaxon’s room! Yep, I said it. I know that I was slightly obsessed with this topic a few weeks ago, so forgive me, please. After looking at our options a few times (try 100,347 to be exact) and making a decision, last night we finalized it all. And then today I sealed the deal and sent the website link to my step-mother who is purchasing the set for us. So it’s a done deal.

Allow me to show you my new nursery décor…

Well, that’s not my nursery…that’s the stock photo from here…but you get the drift.

Are you shocked? I know YOU are Mom! Pick up your chin and shut your mouth – you’re lettin’ flies in! (Isn’t that what you always told me growing up?)

I know what you’re thinking…“But Sandy, you told us that Brent didn’t want anything to do with a nursery set that included animals in it.” And you would be right. He didn’t want animals. But after going back and forth with the other two or three choices that we’d narrowed it down to, and looking at them side by side…he could clearly see that I was right. This was probably my favorite set all along…but the animals in it threw it out of the running almost immediately after I showed it to him.

But pointing out the tones of the colors, the different patterns involved, instead of just monochromatic solid colors…all of that sort of sold him on the idea. And he’s come around to embracing the monkey inside of himself…we all have one! It might have also helped that the animals are minimal, and limited to only three in number, and not too “cartoony” looking. (Yes, that’s a word)

So what do you think? Cute name and cute bedding choice? I think so. I can’t wait to start getting all of the items together and seeing it in our house…mentioning which, I guess that means that I had better get to work on the nursery, huh? Details, details…

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