Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Best Friend…

Would you like to meet my new best friends? I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but seriously…I can go nowhere these days without some of these bad boys… Seriously. I can go NOWHERE without them. Case in point, last Friday when I took the day off to go shopping with my Mom I realized about halfway to my step-brother’s house that I didn’t have any on me. (I had run out at home, so had borrowed the ones from my car for the house and then left WITHOUT them!) The heartburn hit me so bad on the way to their house that when I picked up my Mom I told her that she better be ok with stopping at HEB/Walgreens/CVS (whichever came first) before going anywhere else. They are THAT important to my daily well being. And sanity.

I mean, if I thought that I’d had bad heartburn before now (like during my last pregnancy) then I was mistaken. This time around, I don’t even have to eat the food. I can honestly just be thinking about eating food when the heartburn starts. Seriously. Don’t laugh. It’s not funny!

And then other times, I can go a week without taking a single antacid tablet. What’s up with that?!?! Either be here or be gone – don’t be wishy-washy and visit whenever you feel like it! I promise that before last Friday, I had several days (maybe even a whole week) without any major problems. And then it was back with a vengeance.

Riddle me this? Why is it cyclical? How come it comes and goes on its own free will with no discernable pattern? It’s not the foods that I’m eating because I’m SUCH a picky eater that I’m not eating that many different things. I go to the same places to eat, and usually order the same thing each time I go, so that can’t be it…Got any other suggestions for me?

Who knows? All that I know is that the chocolate-sprinkle donut that I had for breakfast yesterday set a new Sandy-record and caused me to take THREE tablets. Normally just one will do it…

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