Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Am I a B?

Ok here's another question for you complain when someone does you a favor? Let me rephrase - do you complain when someone does you a favor and they do a bad job of it? Does that make me a B if I want to complain?

I mean, I know that they're totally doing me favor...and I know that I'm slightly OCD about certain things...but seriously?!!

Here's the deal...Brent is at home sick, which we've already discussed. So tonight was the last practice of Jenna's soccer team, which he coaches. Obviously he can't coach tonight. There used to be a big sister of one of the other girls on the team who was "helping" Brnt coach...but we haven't seen them in several weeks - not at games or practices.

So once I knew that Brent wasn't going to be better on time to coach the practice, I sent out an email asking for help from another parent. The asst coach responded that she would do it. Great! Thank you! Because in reality it's not like my big, fat pregnant ass can get out there and run around with the kids, right? Right. (I'm glad that we're all in agreement.)

So now we're here and practice is going. But I wouldn't call it practice - they're really just playing games. Sharks and Minnows. Over. And over. And over. What happened to our drills, our basic skill sets? They're nowhere. There's no warm up, no stretching - just games. Again and again.

So...back to the I a B for complaining? I think not. But then again, I'm biased.

On an even better note, I'm the one sitting in my car, typing this out on my iPhone instead of running around with a group of 8 boys and girls doing soccer practice. So maybe i should just shut my mouth, huh?

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