Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Weekend at Canton!

Goodness, I’ve been SO busy at work with month-end close stuff, that I didn’t realize that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. That and I’ve been recovering from my weekend! Shopping is hard work, girls, let me tell you…especially when you’re doing it at almost 7 months pregnant and it’s not an indoor mall.

For those of you that might be familiar with it…this is where I went last weekend.

That’s right First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. The best little shopping place on earth, in my opinion. (Although I might not think that in July or August!) It’s an open-air market where you can find almost anything…most of it being related to home décor and clothing items. But there were a few vendors selling custom baby bedding options (which I wanted to check out) and lots and lots of monogrammed and personalized blankets, tutus, clothes and assorted goods for babies/kids. It was a pregnant woman’s dream shopping place!

I saw lots of cute things…but unfortunately most of it ran more towards girlie items than things for boys. Oh well…I did find two vendors who did custom crib bedding, but the expense was just too much to justify in my mind. It was all VERY cute (once again, more geared towards girls than boys) and there was one place that I really, really liked. They had material swatches and you could pretty much mix and match and design your own bedding…but I couldn’t justify the expense. If you are interested, here’s their website.

But even if I didn’t find any custom bedding or clothes for little baby boy…
As you can see, we did plenty of damage none-the-less. I took MOH along with me and we met up with Maid Britney and all spent the weekend at my Mom’s house – thanks Mom! We had SO much fun…even though J complained a bit about the amount of walking that we had to do while shopping. Yes, she was ready to leave around lunchtime…but perked right up after lunch when she got into the mood of things by looking for Grammy to buy her a “special present” while we were there!

We had a blast…even if I was exhausted and sore the next day. It was a long drive, but we’re determined to make this an annual or maybe even a semi-annual trip.

Here’s some of the other stuff that we got…MOH’s cross…
Mom’s wreath for her front door…
From Canton Weekend
And just to show that Ziggy didn’t come home empty-handed (even if I didn’t get the bedding!), my Mom “Grammy” got him his first blankie…
And J’s lollipop (this sums up our food consumption for the weekend!)…
We ate SO much junk food that I know Ziggy was enjoying things down there – I mean, what pregnant lady can turn down a funnel cake at 10:30 in the morning? Not this one! Little J liked it too! Between the funnel cake, donuts for breakfast, chocolate milk shake later, and ice cream sandwich pie for dessert that night…I think that my turkey sandwich for dinner that night was the most healthy thing that I ate all weekend! We topped off the weekend with pizza rolls from my favorite hometown pizzeria…yummy!

Now I just have to “be good” for the rest of this week as that dreaded glucose test is hanging over my head on Friday! Plus, with all that junk, and the expansion that my stomach has undergone in the last two weeks…I can’t wait to see how much weight I’ve put on since last month. Really, I can wait…I’m being sarcastic! As long as Ziggy’s still healthy and happy – that’s the most important thing.

It was great spending time with my favorite women…eating junk food…shopping…gossiping…and looking at all kinds of baby things! We even made some headway on planning the baby shower that these girls are throwing me in June so it was a productive weekend all around.

Now if I could just recover!

I’ll leave you with a picture of a flower that I’ve never seen before, but they were growing on the fence along my Mom’s driveway – MOH called them passion flowers. Check these out…
Aren’t they beautiful? You pick it and float it in a shallow bowl of water…but enjoy it while you can, since the bloom is only good for 24 hours after being plucked. They are so unique, and they smell SO good! I didn’t try to bring any home with me, but I wanted to!

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Anonymous said...

Those passion flowers will turn into passionfruit if you leave them on the vine. I'm not sure which I like better, the flower or the fruit : )