Friday, May 14, 2010

PWA is Called to Order!

Ok, in truth, this project’s life span cannot be blamed entirely upon me. My wedding must take some of the blame. Let me explain.

Back when Brent and I were dating, the bedspread that he had on his bed was…well…let’s just say that it has LOTS of character. Isn’t that what you say about an ugly couch? That it has “character”? That’s what I’m trying to say here. It was warm…I definitely will give it props for keeping me nice and cozy during the night, but in the looks department it was sort of…lacking. I determined that it would be really cool to make a new bedspread.

At this point I had made a few blankets and had just finished a baby quilt for one of my best friends (Maid Momma from our wedding for you A Bride…Again readers!) and it turned out beautifully. Brent made the comment that it was so nice and how cool would it look in a larger size. Which got me thinking…and the life of a new project was born. I spent the next few months gathering my supplies…different yards of material to piece together into my quilt and then when I had 10 or so different patterns, I got some outside help (Thanks, Aunt Ann!) to determine which material needed to make the final cut and which ones could be discarded. OK, so to be 100% honest, I probably had 15 different materials, and that really was too many.

So we narrowed it down, and I cut out my pieces. This is what I was left with…

And these were my FAVORITE pieces!

For some reason, the flash was destroying some of the coloring…sorry for the darkish picture.

Anyway, in my head, I envisioned sewing these into a pattern of squares on their side (Would that be diamond-shaped?) and then covered with a lattice of chocolate brown ribbon to hide the spots where the square seams didn’t meet up 100%. Trust me, it was gorgeous on the baby quilt that I did. (I looked and looked for a picture of it, but can’t find a single one!)

Then the whole piece would be trimmed with some more of this…
Once again, the flash was weird. Sorry. Can you envision what I’m making? Pretty, right?

So here’s what happened…I bought all of the material and got all the squares cut. I even laid out the pattern of the squares and put them all in order. And then we got engaged…which was GREAT news! But between the wedding stuff starting and then moving in together about two months later and all of the packing/unpacking that a move like that involves, the quilt project got lost. Yes, you read that right, I lost all of my hard work.

But since I’m a slacker and all of my boxes weren’t unpacked at the time that I realized that it was lost, I didn’t worry too much. So a month passes…and then two months…and before I knew it, six months had gone by. I did search for the squares during these times, but I can be honest and say that I probably didn't look that hard. Before I knew it I looked up and realized that almost a year had passed without me seeing these beauties. The wedding happened, the honeymoon was over…and I really started looking for the squares. I got buoyed when I found the extra material…but no squares. Hmmm…and then, unbelievably a miracle occurred. I found the squares!

And yes, there WAS screaming, jumping up and down with joy and a small celebration of sorts around the living room when I uncovered them. And you might think that I immediately went to work on it…but not so much. I was newly pregnant and didn’t have the energy. I did re-organize and get the pattern re-established and in a more useable manner. But that was it.

Until last week…when I realized that I am a Projects Whore and PWA (Project Whores Anonymous) was formed. I had new projects in mind, but decided that I needed to make some progress on these older projects first. So that’s exactly what I did. I put my nose to the grindstone and worked like a DOG on it. It turns out that my hard work paid off – in less than a week of working on it again, here’s what I had…
Do you sort of see the ugly comforter underneath it! Yuck!

What do you think?
Do you like how it came together? Brent and I really like it…the next step is to do the ribbon-lattice part, which means stopping and buying the actual ribbon. In the meantime, I can work on my red/white and denim project, right?!?! Right!

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