Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grey, Grey…Go Away!

Question for the masses (or my readers!): what do you do about your grey hair?

This question comes up because a few weeks back when spending the weekend with my gal pals, the youngest one of us admitted to finding a grey hair a few days before. That would have been Maid Britney admitting to that. And the eyes that rolled in response came from MOH and myself – we shared a look that literally told Maid Britney to just wait! (I really need new nicknames for you girls!) So the subject’s been on my mind ever since.

Come on, I know that it’s no fun to admit that you have them, but we all do…so it’s ok! I’m wondering (as I find more and more of them each and every day) what other people do with their grey hair. I’ve asked a few people in person, and this is the short list that I’ve come up with:

Leave them alone – this is impossible for me to do. I’ve tried, really I have tried to leave them alone in fear that the old wives tale about three growing back in their place will actually happen. Note to self, the old wives tale maybe came true and THAT’S why there are SO many now!
Pull them out – curse and damn the old wives tale, those babies are coming out now.
Color them – hiding the evidence is just as good as them not existing, right?

And since I’ve already admitted to you guys that I can’t leave them there…and most of you actually know me and understand that I don’t visit a salon regularly so that rules out option #3…I should just go ahead and admit that I pull them out.

You see, the bathroom at my office has the mirror in front of the sink and they’ve conveniently placed a mirror directly to the left and right of the counters as well. Really cool if you’re goofing off and want to see 3500 images of yourself at the same time…and also really good at finding grey hairs apparently. It seems like once a day (or more often since I pee approximately 3,417 times a day) I find another grey/white hair sticking out courtesy of these kind mirrors. (That statement was dripping with sarcasm, in case you missed it!)

And I defiantly pluck them out. One little yank…and the problem is gone.

Until the next time I have to pee and I find another one. Or the next day, whatever. But maybe I’m making more grow…hmmm, and it wouldn’t kill me to visit the salon more often, but I think that I could color my own hair if I so desired. I used to do it. I could do it again.

I think that I was just so amused at the shock and horror that Maid Britney displayed over finding her first (mine was traumatic too, so I’m NOT making fun!) reminded me of how frequently I now find them in my hairline. If I see so many, I wonder how many other people are seeing them? And do they want to ask me why I don’t “do something” about that? Maybe they do…or maybe they don’t give a crap. I mean, come on, my hair’s in a ponytail on most days…does it really matter?!?!

All I’m saying is that maybe it should matter. And it’s something that’s been on my mind, so I thought I’d poll the audience, so to speak, and see what you do about your grey hair…if you’ll admit to having any!

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