Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

I hope that your Mother’s Day was as wonderful as mine was! I would love to say that I spent the day away at a spa, relaxing and being pampered and served on a silver platter…but that would be a little “far-fetched” and my day was absolutely perfect as it was! Even if there was no room service or drinks by the pool!

I was instructed to STAY upstairs until I was called for, so I put on some comfy pjs to lounge in. Did you know that comfy pjs can cure almost anything? I was feeling kinda yucky and head-achy when I woke up, so spending the morning relaxing sounded perfect!

When I got downstairs, this is what I saw…
And yes, it is taller than I am! Not only did I get the world’s largest balloon bouquet for Mother’s Day, but I got some sweet cards (Brent’s made me cry!) and a beautiful potted plant.
It’s purple calla lilies…some of my favorite flowers, and Brent was thoughtful enough to get them in a potted version so that we could plant them in our flower beds outside. Of course, that means that he has to re-do the flower beds outside…but that’s just another one of those items on his “honey do” list!
Then, I was going to have breakfast cooked for me, but then we realized that everyone wanted MY French toast, and since it’s mine, and I don’t measure how I do it…I had to make it. But I mixed up the batter and made the first few pieces and then got to sit down and eat while Brent finished serving everyone else, which was a nice change of pace. Then, the kids did the dishes…which doesn’t mean that they put them in the dishwasher (I still did that) but they did rinse them off and get them ready to load and clear off the table, putting all the syrups and sugars back up.

Brent headed off to work, after threatening the kiddos with loss of life/limb if they bothered me too much during his 6-hour shift…and I had Complete. Control. Of. The. Remote.

Yeah, you read that right.

Not only that, but the kids went outside to play since I wasn’t feeling great…tired and head-achy and gave me some peace and quiet. Of course, I still had the little one inside me doing cartwheels (which are starting to catch me in the ribs every once in a while now!) to deal with, but luckily once I got settled in and comfy, then he did too. And it must have been a red-letter day because before they went outside to play, the kids gave our inside dog, Penny, a bath and that left me with a “snuggle buddy” who was more than happy to oblige!

After resting for a few hours (until lunchtime) my head was much better, and I was feeling more normal. The kids were great, coming in and out and trying to stay quiet and fetching me whatever I might need. Since I felt better, I decided that I would like nothing better than to spend the afternoon sewing and finishing up some projects.

You see, I’ve got a few new projects bumping around in my head right now…but I feel guilty starting on them when I’ve got other things that are NOT finished yet! So I made a LOT of progress on our bedspread (that I’ve been working on for nearly two years now) and our wedding quilt pieces. I promise to show you some sneak peeks later this week!

The icing on my Mother’s Day cake came later that afternoon when Brent was able to get off of work early. We relaxed together and did a whole lot of nothing. Then to make up for me having to cook my own breakfast, he took charge of dinner. He almost made the whole thing himself, with just a few minor tweaks and suggestions from me…but it was really nice to just be an observer, not the worker! When it was time to eat, I was ordered to the table which Jenna had already set, and I was served! We finished off the dinner with some yummy strawberry shortcake that Jenna and I put together…yum yum.

It was a GREAT day, and I just hope that all of the other Moms out there had as great a day as I did!

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