Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hubs is Sick…

And he is NOT happy about it! I mean, who would be happy about being sick? I know, that’s a silly question, but he is really NOT happy about being sick. Why, you ask? Well, because with him running fever I won’t let him go with me to my doctor’s appt this afternoon…this will be the first appt that he’s missed and he IS. NOT. HAPPY.

We’re not really sure what’s wrong with him – low grade fever, aches/pains, headache and nausea. Kinda sounds like the flu, I know…so I’m staying far, far away. Or trying to anyway. It’s hard to stay 100% away all the time, because I’m trying to help him and all, but doing my best. I am taking my vitamins, though, so never fear. And so far, I am not showing any of the symptoms that he started off with.

Jenna is concerned that he won’t be better by Saturday. Why is Saturday the magical day? Well, that’s the last soccer game of the season, and she’s really looking forward to it since their game last week got rained out (yes, my parents were visiting!). I tried to explain to her this morning that if he was still sick on Saturday then something really bad must be wrong since that was so far away. She corrected me in saying that it was only 4 days away, which isn’t that long, Mom. (This was said with much attitude and all of the knowledge that a 7-year-old can possess) I smiled and bowed to her extensive knowledge, then politely explained that even though Saturday WAS 4 days away, he’s already been sick for two days now.

Being the smart cracker that she is…she quickly added up that 2+4=6…she’s sharp, I tell you! and she conceded that 6 days might be a long time to be sick after all…so here’s to hoping that he’s better by then!

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